The Hastings Diesels Crewe

On 12th July 2014 Hastings Diesels Ltd
operated an excursion from Hastings to Crewe.

From Hastings the excursion called at St Leonards Warrior Square, Battle, Etchingham, Tunbridge Wells Central,  Tonbridge, Bromley South  and (via the Catford Loop & Factory Curve) on to the last pick-up stop at Kensington Olympia. From there the excursion was routed through Wembley Central and Northampton.

Friday 11th and final preparations are
made at St Leonard’s Diesel Depot.

1001 is possibly the oldest main line train still operating from its original
purpose-built maintenance shed. On the left sits a JB undergoing repair.

CW HDL Crewe 003.jpg


Friday 11th and 1001’s AWS transponders are tested.

CW HDL Crewe 006.jpg


The day of the excursion and 1001
is now ready to leave for Hastings.

CW HDL Crewe 023.jpg


Hastings’ CIS displays our destination of ‘Crewe only’
(the intermediate stops being to pick up only).

CW HDL Crewe 028.jpg


Sporting its 06 headcode (train reporting number 1Z06)
the last of the passengers from Hastings get on board.

CW HDL Crewe 033.jpg


Battle (sch.07:02 dep).

CW HDL Crewe 034.jpg


Tunbridge Wells Central (sch.07:29 dep).  

CW HDL Crewe 037.jpg


Tonbridge (sch.07:42 dep).

CW HDL Crewe 038.jpg


1001 arrives at Crewe’s platform 4.

CW HDL Crewe 040.jpg


Crewe and 1001’s passengers leave the train.

CW HDL Crewe 042.jpg


Initial discussions at Crewe surrounded keeping 1001 in the
station but without tanking facilities a depot visit was required.

CW HDL Crewe 045.jpg


1001 has its water tanks replenished at Crewe depot. 

CW HDL Crewe 047.jpg


Once 1001 is tanked, cleaned and the buffet car
restocked it is ready for the return journey.

CW HDL Crewe 056.jpg


Besides the various emus 1001 was kept
company by a class 09 diesel shunter. 

CW HDL Crewe 057.jpg


1001 was moved back to Crewe station (platform 2)
early in order to free up the depot’s CET facility. 

CW HDL Crewe 067.jpg


At Crewe enthusiasts were given ‘guided
tours’ of the engine compartment.

CW HDL Crewe 075.jpg


Photographers gather for the ‘off’.

CW HDL Crewe 077.jpg


Heading south on the fast lines at 75mph
Mr & Mrs Watts enjoy club class’ dining.

CW HDL Crewe 079.jpg


Tunbridge Wells on the return!

CW HDL Crewe 089.jpg


With the last of 1001’s passenger having left the
train it is time to return to St Leonard’s Depot.

CW HDL Crewe 090.jpg


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