The Essex Coast Express

On 13th September 2014 Hastings Diesels Ltd
operated an excursion from Hastings to Clacton.

From Hastings the excursion called at St Leonards Warrior Square, Battle, Etchingham, Tunbridge Wells Central,Tonbridge, Bromley South and (via the Catford Loop & Factory Curve) on to the last pick-up stop at Kensington Olympia. From there the outward excursion was routed via Gospel Oak and Navarino Road Junction before calling at Liverpool Street and Colchester Town.

1001 is ready to leave St Leonardís West Marina diesel shed.

W Clacton 007.jpg


In the morning sun 1001 moves forward to
the shunt signal thence onto the main line.

W Clacton 028.jpg


With damp on the secondmanís observation light 1001 crosses
Bo-Peep junction in advance of Bo-Peep tunnel (1318 yards).

W Clacton 031.jpg


GBrf provides 1001ís traincrew.

W Clacton 043.jpg


Hastingsí CIS displays our destination of ĎClacton onlyí
(the intermediate stops being to pick up only).

W Clacton 044.jpg


Sporting its 54 headcode (train reporting number 1Z54)
the last of the passengers from Hastings get on board.

W Clacton 049.jpg


St Leonardís Warrior Square (sch.07:36 dep).

W Clacton 050.jpg


At Tunbridge Wells an eager passenger has a
quick chat with 1001ís driver before boarding.

W Clacton 055.jpg


Bromley South (sch.09:16 dep).

W Clacton 058.jpg


Empty sidings at Stewarts Lane - just a JB and 442 were spotted.
(With vegetation rattling the coach sides this picture was taken from wholly within the train).

W Clacton 061.jpg


The River Thames from Batterseaís Cremorne Bridge.

W Clacton 067.jpg


Traincrew change at Kensington Olympia.

W Clacton 069.jpg


The approach to Liverpool Street appears akin to entering the underworld.
(This was picture taken from wholly within the train).

W Clacton 070.jpg


1001 arriving at Londonís Liverpool Street station.

W Clacton 075.jpg


Liverpool Street and 1001 awaits the road to Colchester.

W Clacton 078.jpg


Running slightly late 1001ís next stop was Colchester Town.

W Clacton 082.jpg


Photographers line up with their cameras.

W Clacton 083.jpg


1001 readies for its departure from Colchester Town.

W Clacton 086.jpg


1001 arrives at Clacton and ...

W Clacton 088.jpg


... the photographers make their dash.

W Clacton 091.jpg


With the station almost deserted tanking operations were undertaken;
the CEP coach having the smallest water tanks but the most-used toilets.

W Clacton 105.jpg


1001 sits alongside a 321 unit; these and the 360s provide Clactonís services -
a far cry from the comfortable seats of the AM9 (class 309) Mk1 electric stock!

W Clacton 098.jpg


The clean and unspoilt lines of Clactonís station!

W Clacton 106.jpg


Although 1001 is equipped with illuminated red blinds
(Hastings units being the first to be so permitted as a tail lamp)
off the Southern these arenít always recognised as being a tail-lamp!

W Clacton 099.jpg


This oxymoron was spotted on Clactonís pier.

W Clacton 109.jpg


Colchester and a crew change on the return.

W Clacton 112.jpg


Tonbridge and passengers leave 1001.

W Clacton 115.jpg


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