Weymouth Envoy
(outbound trip)

Saturday 20th July 2013 saw Hastings Diesels Limited operated its first excursion of the year running from Hastings to Bournemouth, Wareham, Dorchester South and Weymouth via London. After calling at Hastings, St Leonards Warrior Square, Battle, Etchingham, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Bromley South the train was routed via the Catford Loop and Linford Street Curve to into Waterloo; its last pick-up point.

From Waterloo the train ran straight down the South Western main line to Southampton where it picked up a West Coast Railways pilotman for the journey through to Weymouth. After cleaning and tanking 1001 was stabled in Weymouth’s Jersey Sidings.

1001 returned to Waterloo straight back up the main line passing through Bincombe Tunnel at a sedate 30mph; a 40 mph TSR (due to the risk of rail buckling in the heat) preventing any chance of a run at the bank. The pilotman was dropped off at Eastleigh. From Waterloo the routing included a four-minute pathing stop at Kent House.

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Running to time 1001 enters Tunbridge Wells Central station.

a HDL Weymouth 017.jpg


Excited enthusiasts photograph 1001’s
arrival at Waterloo’s platform 13.

a HDL Weymouth 023.jpg


Platform 13 was already partially occupied
with SWT’s ‘Arkwright’ unit 444 022.

a HDL Weymouth 024.jpg


Ready for the road photographers patiently await 1001’s
departure. Even station staff had brought their cameras!
There was almost a delay in leaving whilst traincrew realised
the unit can only be dispatched using BR1B keys; not BR1As.

a HDL Weymouth 031.jpg


At Bournemouth Central 1001 was booked through
platform 3, but instead was routed into platform 2.

a HDL Weymouth 041.jpg


With the passengers for Bournemouth having
disembarked the train awaited the road.

a HDL Weymouth 043.jpg


At the bottom of Parkestone Bank 1001 awaits clearance into Poole.
(Photo taken by arrangement with the train crew).

a HDL Weymouth 049.jpg


Those who left the train at Wareham managed to
catch the tight connection for the bus to Swanage!

a HDL Weymouth 051.jpg


More passengers left the train at Dorchester South.

a HDL Weymouth 056.jpg


On the climb up to Bincombe Tunnel the train
passed the 47 acre expanse of Maiden Castle.

a HDL Weymouth 060.jpg


Holiday-makers look on as 1001 arrives at Weymouth.

a HDL Weymouth 061.jpg


The ‘Not to be Moved’ board is displayed whilst
the train is cleaned and the toilets tanked.

a HDL Weymouth 063.jpg


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