Olympia Express 2013

On 21st December 2013 Hastings Diesels Ltd operated a charter service
from the Hastings line up to the show-jumping at Kensington Olympia.

Like 2012 the charter called at Hastings, Battle, Robertsbridge, Etchingham, Wadhurst, Tunbridge Wells Central anf Tonbridge. The outbound routing was via Bromley South, Catford Loop, Factory Curve thence up to Kensington Olympia. After a reversal at Acton, 1001 berthed at Beckenham Junction having been routed out and back via Nunhead, Lewisham and the Mid-Kent Line. The return from Kensington Olympia was via Herne Hill with a pathing stop at Kent House.

St Leonard’s Depot with 1001 ready to move
(having been started up around 06:40hrs).

2013 Olympia Express 016.JPG


Arrival from the depot at Hastings (platform 4).

2013 Olympia Express 020.JPG


Hastings’ signal box provides a backdrop.

2013 Olympia Express 021.JPG


In pouring rain driver and guard confer as train
reporting number 1Z89 waits for time (08:31hrs).

2013 Olympia Express 024.JPG


On these trips and with over a hundred passengers
Battle (sch.08:48 dep) is the most popular station.

2013 Olympia Express 027.JPG


Robertsbridge (sch.09:01 dep).

2013 Olympia Express 028.JPG


Etchingham (sch.09:07 dep).  

2013 Olympia Express 030.JPG


Wadhurst (sch.09:22 dep).

2013 Olympia Express 032.JPG


Tunbridge Wells Central (sch.09:31 dep).

2013 Olympia Express 033.JPG


Tonbridge and a change of driver (sch.09:43 dep).

2013 Olympia Express 036.JPG


Arrival at Kensington Olympia (sch.11:00 arr).

2013 Olympia Express 043.JPG


Passing through Shepherd’s Bush. 

2013 Olympia Express 044.JPG


Near Mitre Bridge a 377 heads towards
Southern England and the juice.

2013 Olympia Express 049.JPG


A pair of GBrf 73s sitting outside DB Schenker’s Euro-Terminal... 

2013 Olympia Express 053.JPG


... because two wagons had derailed in the entrance!
(This depot is on the site of 1A shed). 

2013 Olympia Express 064.JPG


Reversal at Acton reception sidings
was a straightforward non-event!

2013 Olympia Express 060.JPG

(sch.11:12 arr 11:19 dep)

2013 Olympia Express 062.JPG


Despite the rain a family took great
interest in 1001 at Beckenham Junction.

2013 Olympia Express 088.JPG


Waitrose enabled additional stocks
of bubbly to be taken on board!

2013 Olympia Express 094.JPG


Kensington Olympia (sch.17:35 dep)
and our passengers board 1001.

2013 Olympia Express 102.JPG


1001 had a booked pathing stop at Kent House
with three SouthEastern trains overtaking us!
(sch.18:02 to 18:23 hrs)

2013 Olympia Express 106.JPG


So why does 1001 layover at Beckenham Junction?

Like the 2009 Olympia Express the 2010 trip was scheduled to layover at Willesden Junction. However, because of the snow the conditions underfoot would have been hazardous for staff at the depot - including the relief driver who was coming in from Kent. So in 2010 it was decided to berth at Beckenham Junction instead. This worked so well that during the planning of both the 2011, 2012 & 2013 Olympia Express trips it was decided to continue with layovers at Beckenham Junction as it is such a convenient location.

So, whilst some staff undertook Christmas shopping in Waitrose (and restocked a few buffet car items) others took the opportunity to lunch in Bromley while a few caught the train to Bickley thence 269 bus to the Invicta model railway shop at Sidcup.

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