Thames Tidal (1)

On 31st March 2012 Hastings Diesels Limited operated its Thames Tidal excursion from Hastings to Southend-on-Sea and Shoeburyness. This was routed via the Catford Loop to Clapham Junction thence New Kew Junction, Dudding Hill Junction, West Hampstead North Junction, Junction Road Junction to a reversal and photo-stop at Barking.

From Barking the excursion passed through Stratford to Gas Factory Junction and into Fenchurch Street.


During its test run on the 28th March 2012 a signal failure lead to 1001 returning
via Rye thus resulting in Mountfield leading upon arrival at Tonbridge.

2012 HDL Thames Tidal 016.JPG


Following its stop at Bromley South and passage around
Factory Curve, 1001 arrives at Clapham Junction.

2012 cd_thamestidal_1001clj310312a.jpg

Colin Duff


Following stops at Bromley South and Clapham Junction this is upon arrival at Barking. The red blinds have already been put up but the Midland lamp has yet to be moved forward.

2012 HDL Thames Tidal 019.JPG


Looking across the platforms at Barking.

2012 HDL Thames Tidal 020.JPG


A district line train sits
alongside 1001 at Barking.

2012 HDL Thames Tidal 021.JPG


One has to ask how often this routing has appeared at Barking?

2012 cd_thamestidal_1001bak310312c.jpg

Colin Duff


A member of Hastings Diesels staff places the
Midland lamp for the run into Fenchurch Street.

2012 cd_thamestidal_1001bak310312d.jpg

Colin Duff


Passengers back on board and 1001
awaits the road from Barking.

2012 HDL Thames Tidal 026.JPG


1001 approaches Fenchurch Street.


Kevin Blakeman


As the doors were released at Fenchurch Street photographers
start their sprint down the platform to take pictures.

2012 HDL Thames Tidal 032.JPG


In the gloom of Fenchurch Street 1001 is
ready to depart for Southend Central.

2012 HDL Thames Tidal 036.JPG


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