Olympia Express 2011

On 17th December 2011 Hastings Diesels Ltd operated a charter service
from the Hastings line up to the show-jumping at Kensington Olympia.

The train’s routing was via Bromley South, Factory Curve thence up to Kensington Olympia and Shepherd’s Bush. Following last year’s trip the decision was made to again berth at Beckenham Junction, albeit routed via Crystal Palace.


Tonbridge (platform 2) and 1001 waits to follow
the 09:37 Charing Cross service (platform 1).



Kensington Olympia and the majority
of our passengers leave the train.



The remaining passengers leave at Shepherd’s Bush
(along with an enthusiast who obtained our permission to board at Kensington Olympia).



1001’s arrival at Beckenham Junction. Wish a published
schedule a few enthusiasts came out to photograph us!



1001 basks in the sun at Beckenham Junction!



So why did 1001 layover at Beckenham Junction?

Like the 2009 Olympia Express the 2010 trip was scheduled to layover at Willesden Junction. However, because of the snow the conditions underfoot would be hazardous for staff including the relief driver who was coming in from Kent. So it was decided to berth at Beckenham Junction instead.

During the planning of the 2011 Olympia Express it was decided to seek a scheduled layover at Beckenham Junction again as it was a convenient location with Waitrose alongside!

So, whilst some staff undertook Christmas shopping in Waitrose other took the opportunity to ride on Tramlink down to Croydon and back. Accordingly not only can Hastings Diesels claim to have gone Christmas shopping by train we did so by taking our ‘own’ train!



Some of 1001’s staff pose for the camera before going off to Waitrose!


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