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(1) Tonbridge to Wymondman

On 26th March 2011 Hastings Diesels Ltd operated an excursion from
Hastings to Wymondman thence along Mid-Norfolk Railway metals to Dereham.

The train’s routing was via Bromley South, Factory Curve, Kew East Jcn, Old Oak Jcn, Dudding Hill Jcn, Carlton Road Jcn, Harringay Park Jcn, main line to Cambridge Jcn thence across to Ely. Return from Cambridge was via Brimsdown & Temple Mills to Gospel Oak Jcn to Old Oak Jcn.

The original outbound routing via the Hertford Loop was abandoned in order to regain time following a signalman’s routing error at Dudding Hill Jcn.


Tonbridge and 1001 enters platform 2 about four minutes late
(as a consequence of following a slow-running train).

CW HDL March 2010 Dereham 018.jpg


Unlike many stations, the Customer Information System on
East Croydon’s Platform 4 correctly advertised the tour.

CW HDL March 2010 Dereham 019.jpg CW HDL March 2010 Dereham 022.jpg


Awaiting right-time from Clapham Junction’s platform 5.

Awaiting right-time was much to the bemusement of some and gave rise to one impatient SWT customer who very rudely and arrogantly struggled to grasp the basic concept that other trains also run to a timetable (that is not just his train)!

CW HDL March 2010 Dereham 027.jpg


Wymondman station and photographers abound as 1001
was photographed alongside a class 170 railbus no. 201.

CW HDL March 2010 Dereham 037.jpg


With the road having been given, 1001 gets ready to depart
Wymondman along the Mid-Norfolk Railway to Dereham.

CW HDL March 2010 Dereham 038.jpg


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