The Metrolander

(1) North to Quainton Road

On 14th May 2011 Hastings Diesels operated ‘The Metrolander’ excursion from Hastings into ‘Metro-land’ and Quainton Road thence two return trips to Claydon Junction, the furthest operational place on the Aylesbury to Bletchley railway line.

“This is a part of the Metropolitan Railway that’s been entirely forgotten”.

John Betjeman Metro-land (1973)

“It was to have been the Clapham Junction of the rural part of the Metropolitan. With what hopes this place was built in 1890. They hoped that trains would run down the main line there from London to the Midlands and the North. They’d come, from the Midlands and the North, rushing through here to London and a Channel Tunnel and then on to Paris. But alas, all that has happened is that there, a line curves away to the last of the Metropolitan stations in the country in far Buckinghamshire, which was at Verney Junction.”


St Leonard’s Depot and 1001 is now prepared and ready for the
excursion. The headboard has a silhouette of Sir John Betjeman.

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 056.jpg


South Ruislip where our train was delayed
whilst we were signalled around a pair of kettles.

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 089.jpg


Beaconsfield was a refuelling stop – for the crew on the footplate
– tea and bacon butties brought forward from the buffet car!

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 092.jpg


A reflection of 1001
in the DOO mirror!

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 096.jpg


North of Aylesbury 1001 passes Chiltern’s DMU depot

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 105.jpg


1001 upon arrival at Quainton Road.

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 115.jpg


The oil-lit headlamp was replaced at Quainton Road with a ‘Master Cutler’ headboard before we continued on up the Great Central. The Master Cutler ran from Marylebone to Sheffield.

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 121.jpg


Passing up through Calvert 1001 reaches Claydon
Junction and the Oxford to Bletchley railway line.

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 144.jpg


Arrival at the loops at Claydon Junction (1st trip).
CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 151.jpg

1001 had expected to travel right up to the end of the loop but it was not to be. It was entirely possible that history was made with this being the first time a Hastings DEMU has ventured beyond Aylesbury on the former Metropolitan Railway.


With the ‘Master Cutler’ headboard reposition on the
London end of 1001 our driver indicates it is time to depart.

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 158.jpg


1001 leaves Claydon Junction
on the curve towards Calvert.

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 214.jpg


Quainton Road signal box
provided a backdrop to 1001.

CIW HDL Metrolander 14May2011 126.jpg


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