The Winter Enigma

On 19th February 2011 Hastings Diesels Ltd operated an excursion to
St Albans and Bedford with an additional run across to Bletchley and back.

This excursion was originally scheduled for December 2010 but was cancelled by Network Rail due to adverse weather conditions. The train’s routing was via Factory Curve, Clapham Junction, Kew East Junction, Dudding Hill Junction thence up to Bedford (rev). Possible a ‘Hastings demu’ first, the train rain across to Bletchley (platform 7) before returning to Bedford (platform 1) and into the emu sidings for tanking. The trip returned from Bedford (platform 2) via Kew East Junction. Unfortunately poor light limited the opportunities for photographs.

Tonbridge and 1001 enters platform 2.

HDL Feb 2010 Enigma 001.JPG


Bletchley and 1001 is ready
for the return to Bedford.

HDL Feb 2010 Enigma 005.JPG


Bedford’s platform 1 and 1001’s
arrival back from Bletchley.

HDL Feb 2010 Enigma 006.JPG


Tanking in the emu sidings alongside 319 012 (in Southern
colours but with First Capital Connect branding).

HDL Feb 2010 Enigma 008.jpg


Back at Bedford (platform 2) 1001
gets ready to return to Hastings.

HDL Feb 2010 Enigma 010.JPG


Clapham Junction was a popular
stop with many leaving the train.

HDL Feb 2010 Enigma 016.JPG


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