The Dorset Diadem

(1) Down to Corfe Castle

On 25th June 2011 Hastings Diesels operated ‘The Dorset Diadem’ excursion from Hastings up to Waterloo, thence down to Worgret Junction and onto the Swanage Railway.


From Hastings the train called at St Leonard’s Warrior Square, Etchingham, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Bromley South, Waterloo, Bournemouth, Corfe Castle and Swanage.

Due to problems with a turnout, 1001 was unable to take its booked path via Linford Street curve, instead taking Factory Curve and reversing at Latchmere. Victoria signal box had a slight delay in obtaining the slot from Wimbledon for the route along the overgrown and rusty Sheepcote chord.


To enable a quick reversal at Longhedge 1001 had a driver positioned in each cab. Now ready to depart 1001's driver is seeking confirmation that all is well.....

w HDL Swanage 016.jpg


Both 1001 and a 455 were held at red awaiting their respective roads into Waterloo; this
photograph being taken from the brake van and by arrangement with 1001's train crew.

w HDL Swanage 036.jpg


Passengers await as 1001 enters Waterloo.

Waiting for the train was the photographer’s brother with his partner!

w HDL Swanage 041.jpg


At Waterloo's stops 1001 is readied to make a prompt departure for Bournemouth. While our driver-to-be waits just outside the cab the driver from Latchmere is part-way through winding the headcode blinds through from "98" to "Red blanks".

It is believed that the Hastings units were the first units to start using illuminated red blanks instead of oil-filled tail lamps.

w HDL Swanage 042.jpg


With the last few passengers getting
aboard, 1001 is ready for the 'off'.

w HDL Swanage 043.jpg


1001 upon arrival at Bournemouth and under the restored
trainshed a modern railbus sits in the platform opposite

w HDL Swanage 050.jpg


The early arrival at Bournemouth enabled this photo alongside railbus unit number
221 135 which was waiting to depart with the 11:45 to Manchester Piccadilly.

w HDL Swanage 053.jpg


With a passenger train needing to use the northern end of platform 2 at Bournemouth 1001 had to be moved to the country end thus providing a further opportunity for photographers. Note ‘Arkwright’ unit 444 001 in the adjacent siding.

w HDL Swanage 066.jpg


Wareham saw a staff stop to pick up Swanage Railway
crew for the final leg of the journey into Swanage

w HDL Swanage 075.jpg


Although overcast Corfe Castle formed an impressive backdrop
against 1001 as the train waited to depart for Swanage

w HDL Swanage 093.jpg


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