Olympia Express 2010

On 18th December 2010 Hastings Diesels Ltd operated a charter service
from the Hastings line up to the show-jumping at Kensington Olympia.

The train’s routing was via Bromley South, Factory Curve thence up to Kensington Olympia and Shepherd’s Bush. The train was due to be stabled at Willesden Yard but due to bad weather made a trip down to berth at Beckenham Junction.

Tonbridge and 1001 enters platform 2 in the snow.

HDL Olympia 2010 007 Tonbridge.jpg


By Kensington Olympia the snow was falling hard.

HDL Olympia 2010 020 Olympia.jpg


Because of the snow, the conditions underfoot in Willesden Yard would have been hazardous; in particular for our relief driver who was coming in from Kent. So the decision was made to meet him part-way by berthing 1001 in the bay platform at Beckenham Junction; our return route being via Factory Curve, Brixton, Nunhead, Lewisham and the mid-Kent line.

HDL Olympia 2010 067 Beckenham Jct.jpg

With no trains running and virgin snow on the South London Line a tale came through that somebody ‘out there’ was hoping that we’d help clear the snow of the conductor rail!.....   In reality we suspect this routing was chosen in order to avoid the risk of operating the crossover at the London-end of Beckenham Junction station.


The adjacent Waitrose enabled the train staff to restock 1001’s buffet
car as well as allowing some to undertake a spot of Christmas shopping!

HDL Olympia 2010 082 Beckenham Jct.jpg


Back at Tonbridge and 1001 gets ready to continue down to Hastings.

HDL Olympia 2010 107 Tonbridge.jpg


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