West Somerset Limited

On 19th June 2010 Hastings Diesels Limited operated its West Somerset Limited excursion from Hastings to Minehead. This was routed via Redhil (rev), Reading thence down the Paddington tramway to Taunton and on the West Somerset Railway to Minehead. Unfortunately Network Rail’s conservative timings only gave passengers an hour in Minehead!


Crossing the Brighton Main Line 1001 enters Redhill off the
‘old road’ from Tonbridge with the line to Reigate on the right.

1a. Outbound - 1001 enters Redhill (1).jpg


With a combination of both Restriction 0 and 4 stock the scene is
reminiscent of the days when the 3R Tadpole units made this move.

1b. Outbound - 1001 enters Redhill (2).jpg


Arriving early at Bishop’s Lydeard allowed some passengers to leave our modern diesel
unit in order to savour the delights of travelling behind an old fashion steam train.

 w June 2010 025.jpg


The departure of the kettle from alongside
1001 caused considerable interest... and smoke!

2a. Outward - Photographers abound at Bishop's Lydeard.jpg


From the platform of Dunster station 1001 awaits the ‘right away’
from the WSR guard who’d taken control of the train after Taunton.

3. Outward - awaiting departure for Dunster.jpg


Although 1001 had only just arrived at Minehead, with less than an hour before departure
no time was wasted in preparing the train. Besides putting the headlamp /route code in place the train was given a quick clean, buffet car restocked and the water tanks replenished.

4. Minehead - preparing 1001 for departure..jpg


The beach and headland at Minehead.

w June 2010 072.jpg


On the return trip 1001 reversed at Redhill and no time was wasted in moving the (non-obligatory) headlamp forward before changing the red blinds for the 83 route code.

5. Return - the headlamp is moved forward at Redhill.jpg


1001 departs Redhill for the final leg of its journey back to Hastings.

6. Return - 1001 departs from Redhill.jpg


Crossing Redhill junction 1001 takes the ‘old road’ back to Tonbridge.

7. Return - 1001 takes the 'Old Road' at Redhill.jpg


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