The Hastings Blue Belle

On 6th November 2010 Hastings Diesels Ltd operated the first passenger train from London onto Bluebell Railway metals since BR closed its branch to Horsted Keynes; a historic day. This charter service ran through to the Bluebell Railways’ northern extension across Imberhorne Viaduct thence ran a shuttle service throughout the day before returning to London.

Orpington and 1001 makes a brief stop on the
journey from Hastings to London Bridge.

003 101106 Orpington.jpg


Arrival at London Bridge.

004 101106 London Bridge.jpg


The headboard was moved to ‘Mountfield
for the run south to Imberhorne.

014 101106 London Bridge.jpg


Headcode 77 and ‘The Hastings Blue Bell’ is ready to depart.

020 101106 London Bridge.jpg


At Southern’s East Grinstead station the train is halted whilst
the driver obtains the release from Oxted signal box.

022 101106 East Grinstead.jpg


At the time of the trip Imberhorne was the southern end of the Bluebell Railway’s northern extension. The bridge carrying Imberhorne Lane over the new formation can just been seen.

029 101106 Imberhorne.jpg


Following arrival at the Bluebell Railway’s East Grinstead station
1001 operated a series of shuttle services across to Imberhorne.

034 101106 EG.jpg


1001 crossing Imberhorne Viaduct on a
shuttle service from East Grinstead.

046 101106 Viaduct.jpg


1001 sits alongside GBrf’s 73 141
and ‘Gordon’ the blue Vep.

060 101106 EG.jpg


Driver Shonhard has readied 1001 for the
return to London Bridge via Imberhorne!

With only a short run south before reversal, the headboard
was already positioned on motor coach ‘Tunbridge Wells’.

063 101106 EG.jpg


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