Wiltshire Warrior

On 23rd March 2009 Hastings Diesels operated ‘Wiltshire Warrior’ excursion from Hastings to Salisbury travelling via Redhill (rev) and Guildford (rev) thence through Havant and Botley to a stop at Eastleigh. After Eastleigh the train operated out through Chandler’s Ford to Salisbury. Return was by the same route but without stopping at Eastleigh.


Hastings’ platform 2 and 1001 awaits departure.

090321 01. Awaiting the road at Hastings.jpg


The excursion ran via Redhill to Guildford. In collecting passengers
at both it caused interest amongst station staff and other rail users.

090321 02. Arrival at Guildford.jpg


Eastleigh station gave an opportunity for a photographic stop!

090321 03. Photography at Eastleigh.jpg


The layover at Eastleigh’s platform 3 was about half-an-hour so many
passengers stretched their legs; a few even went into the town!

090321 04. During the half-hour stop at Eastleigh.jpg


After our arrival at Salisbury’s platform 4
1001 was initially shunted into platform 5.

090321 05. Salisbury.jpg


Subsequently 1001 undertook a double-shunt into
Salisbury Depot’s number 2 road for tanking.

090321 06. On-shed at Salisbury.jpg


In the depot a ‘full-frontal’ of 1001.

090321 07. Wiltshire Warrior.jpg


1001 was returned to Salisbury’s platform 2
in readiness for its departure at 16:11 hrs.

090321 08. Salisbury preparing for departure.jpg


Reversal at Redhill and passengers
seek out their connections for home.

090321 09. Weary but happy passengers depart at Redhill.jpg


Arrival at Tonbridge’s platform 1
sees more passengers leave the train.

090321 11. More passengers leave at Tonbridge.jpg


The end of the tour at Hastings!

090321 12. End of the tour at Hastings.jpg


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